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The Story

In the beginning started life as the idea of farmers Pete Rowbotham and Jonathan Holmes. Based on frustrations they found in the buying and selling of farm kit, they had been discussing an idea for an eBay-style website – just for farmers.

Sharing an idea over a beer

It just so happens that their local pub – The Plough Inn, Two Dales in Derbyshire – is shared by technology entrepreneur Rick Grundy. Sharing the vision for a great place for farmers from anywhere in the world to buy and sell farm kit, Rick brought in his team, and the site was launched in August 2012.

A new way of trading kit

The website had to be straightforward to use and free of everyone’s pet hates. This meant no distracting ads popping up, only genuine farm machinery for sale and some way of deterring scammers and fake ads.

As well as banning outside advertisers, it was decided from the outset to have an approvals process in place to monitor kit going on to the site as well as providing us with an opportunity to speak to the people using - we like to talk to our customers!

Growing the company

I was brought on board to manage day to day operations and to promote as a good value, trustworthy and effective place to do business.

Initially hosting weekly auctions, now offers classifieds as well as a kitfinder service.

So why not try us out– we’re always available on the phone and happy to help answer any questions.

Ian Whibberley – General Manager

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